the CAN!CAN!CAN! Sandwich at Grilled Cheese Invitational


Ridiculous projects that make you laugh at every turn are the best. Meetings about how to get 20 cans of canned bread from japan; weighing differences between varieties of canned butter, ordering $100 worth of canned cheese from the internet…

That’s what I’ve done so far to get me sandwich, the CAN!CAN!CAN! to the Last Ever Grilled Cheese Invitational. It’s featuring canned Cougar Gold cheddar cheese, RedFeather canned butter, and canned bread. I have an indiegogo campaign to fund my trip down to LA, featuring rewards of my CAN!CAN!CAN!  image to the right (minus delicious cheesy background). There are stickers, patches, shirts and aprons, and more!


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