EmEssKay: Meredith Scheff-King

crocodilescarf10 years ago (holy bovines) I registered LadyCartoonist.com. At the time, I was living in a huge house in North Berkeley–in the master room, for $450 a month (-sigh-)–¬†with a web cartoonist, a KALX DJ, and 6 others of artists and makers. I was laying on the living room floor watching the 1st season of House:MD and frantically inking the poster for the 2nd annual 24 Hour Comics Day, hosted by Comic Relief and the first one that my best friend DocPop was attending with me, being a recent transplant to the SFBay. ¬†Comics were my life at that point. At 19 I had already been volunteering, attending and tabling at the Alternative Press Expo and Comic Con for almost 5 years. I hung out at comic stores, I lived and breathed ink and thought that was it for me. Turns out–thank the lawd–I had more growing to do, and I grew well out of LadyCartoonist.com. So here I am, at the ripe old age of 29, finally moving to a site where I feel I can post all the other stuff I’ve been working on in the last decade. Textiles, electronics, graphic design, fire art, sculpture, everything (including comics). Welcome to EmEssKay. Click around and stay a while.




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