• Timpani Lambada

    Timpany Lambada was a large-scale, grant-winning fire sculpture by the Flaming Lotus Girls. My good friend Margaret Long, the art lead of the project, contacted me to created reactive sculpture at the ground level of the project- AKA, benches. I designed the benches to match the main structure; designing them in Illustrator and cutting them out of 1/4 plate steel on a CNC Plasma cutter at the BoxShop in SF. I then welded the pieces together using steel tubing, and added wooden benches. The interactive element of the benches was based on a small, open source electronics kit named the BlipLace. Built out, the benches reacted to the ambient sound. RGB LED's inside of plastic spheres would pulse according to the dominant sound frequencies- if it was the THUMP THUMP of a rave car, that would be displayed. If it was voices, that would be what they would display.